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Throwback Thursday

Thursday, May 25th, 2017
Nick Frenay at Jazz Central

Nick Frenay at Jazz Central

Talking all that Jazz

Friday, December 9th, 2011
Noah Kellman, musician, blogger, CNY-native (circa 2005)

The Superfriends: Noah Kellman, musician, composer,  blogger, plays on stage with Spencer Murphy and Nick Frenay (circa 2005).

I got a message yesterday that pianist Noah Kellman, a musician and young veteran of the local jazz scene will be writing a blog for the CNY Jazz Arts Foundation.  I first heard him play on one of the scholastic stages for the Jazz in the City (now the Northeast Jazz & Wine) with Nick Frenay and Spencer Murphy.  Since then Kellman, now an award-winning pianist and composer, has shared the stage with Nicholas Payton, Antonio Hart and he’s even played the Grammys.  Talk about a rising star. It will be good to read an insider’s perspective on the local jazz scene from an accomplished home-grown talent.

Age Aint Nothing But a Number

Monday, July 27th, 2009
Young Cats

Young Cats

Props to the Brubeck Institute Jazz Quintet (pictured are members Nick Frenay and Chad Leftkowitz Brown) the young cats who served as the defacto house band for the Northeast Jazz & Wine Fest late night jam sessions at Jazz Central over the weekend.

Tear the Roof off tha Sucker

Saturday, July 25th, 2009

Sax man Marion Meadows said he’s wanted to perform in Syracuse for a long time, sick especially since his sister lives here.  He finally got his chance last night during a sizzling performance for the Northeast Jazz and Wine Festival (formerly Jazz in the Square).  During the set Meadows did a roll call of musicians that have influenced his band, people such as Grover, Ella, Miles, Coltrane, James Brown and some others. Then before bringing the house down, he asked a simple question: “What happens when some Funk falls into your cereal?”

The crowd in Clinton Square for the festival concert got the answer, but Meadows added a cresendo later when his band brought their steady rhythms to Jazz Central for an intimate late night jam session (which typically follow the festival performances).

In addition to his quartet, Meadows vibed with musicians such as Eudy Ferdandez and The Brubeck Institute Jazz Quintet, featuring Chad Lefkowitz-Brown, Noah Kellman, Nick Frenay, Zach Brown, and Corey Fonville.

Joe Magnarelli also joined the session, which funked up the house til well past midnight.