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Calling all comics

Friday, January 2nd, 2015
Comedy vet Moody McCarthy at Justin's Tuscan Grill.

Big M: Comedy vet and Syracuse-native Moody McCarthy provided some comic relief for New Year’s Day at Justin’s Tuscan Grill.

We figure it’s not a matter if Syracuse should host a comedy festival, but when. With the plethora of ‘Cuse-bred comics and the draw of Funny Bone at Destiny USA, this town is primed for a few days of non-stop laughs (especially during the winter months). If we can have a film festival and TED conference surely we can kick-off a comprehensive comedy program.

In the meantime, special shout-out to Dan Frigolette and Moody McCarthy for coming home each year to do shows. Last night they did an intimate, one-night-only comedy cabaret at Justin’s Grill. This year they brought Nick Marra with them (a few years ago it was Jessimae Peluso).

Homecoming Queen (of Comedy)

Saturday, December 24th, 2011

Last lady standing: Jessiemae Peluso performs at Justin's Grill

Last lady standing: Jessiemae Peluso performs at Justin’s Grill

Along with homeboys Dan Frigolette (Baldwinsville High grad) and Moody McCarthy (Corcoran High grad),  Jessimae Peluso (Henniger High grad) turned the Friday before Christmas at Justin’s Grill into a laugh factory.

I saw Frigolette and McCarthy when the visited for a show last year and again they delivered laughs from the moment they hit the stages.  This was the first time I’d seen Peluso, as well as the MC Yannis Pappas however, and they were comical.  I particularly enjoyed when they each hurled hilarious verbal assaults at a lone (female) heckler to the delight of the packed crowd.

Some of  humorous anecdotes also included Peluso calling her new meal plan and McCarthy’s revelation  on the availability of real fruit cobbler(s).

The Three Wiseguys

Friday, December 24th, 2010
Moody McCarthy

Moody McCarthy

Central New Yorker’s turned New York City comics Moody McCarthy and Dan Frigolette came home to the Jazz Central stage last night for two shows.

McCarthy took a satirical view of his alma mater’s mascot (Moody’s a Corcoran alum) and family gift giving, while Frigolette (an SU grad) engaged the crowd about the chances of a Jersey guy picking up women from Manhattan and a comedian’s limitations in hierarchy of show business.

MC for the show was ESM grad Justin Taylor.

 Dan Frigolette

Dan Frigolette

Justin Taylor

Justin Taylor