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Solazzo Solo

Wednesday, October 5th, 2016

Dave Solazzo will be the featured artist at the next Jazz at the Plaza (Le Moyne College). He played today as part of the MG3 (Melissa Gardiner) project.

Getting There from Here

Thursday, May 7th, 2015

Three if by Air

Friday, May 1st, 2015
King, Solazzo and Horrace at Hancock Airport.

King, Solazzo and Horrace at Hancock Airport.

Enough is enough. We are going to stop limiting Bill Horrace by calling him a jazz guy. Of course, he can go there, but his musical abilities and ambitions go well beyond the J-word. We’ve seen him (along with a variety of his band incarnations) play pop, folk and soul everywhere from a moving bus to storefronts downtown. In his latest cultural creation, Horrace’s band was the initial guest at the Hancock Airport Music Series, which took place this morning.  He was joined by Dave Solazzo on keys and Kinyatta King on drums.

The pleasant tones seemed to put everyone in a good mood, and had airport staff and travelers bopping through the terminal.  The tall, peaked ceiling provided surprisingly wonderful acoustics.

We are not sure where he’ll resurface next, but hopefully Horrace will someday lay down his version of some aquaboogie on a boat (or along the shores of Onondaga Lake).

Bill Horrace, our choice for CNY's Secretary of Transportation.

Bill Horrace gets our vote for Central New York’s Secretary of Transportation.

Great Scott

Saturday, February 7th, 2015
Scott Dennis sang for Jazz @ Sitrus on Friday night.

Scott Dennis, prescription vocalist

SAMMY-Award nominated vocalist Scott Dennis wrapped his dream-like vocals around the Great American Songbook at the Sitrus Lounge last night (University Sheraton).  He was backed by the rhythmic triumvirate of Solazzo, Johns and Solazzo.

Their album “Close Your Eyes” was produced by Nancy Kelly.

Pounding the Pavement

Saturday, June 21st, 2014
Syracuse Jazz Masters Dave Solazzo and Bill Horrace played a concert in the courtyard near Lemon Grass + Bistro Elefant on Friday night.

Syracuse Jazz Masters Dave Solazzo and Bill Horrace played a few sets in the courtyard near Lemon Grass + Bistro Elefant on Friday night.

Groove Collective, a roll call

Sunday, January 26th, 2014
Dino Losito on keys.

Dino Losito played keys for Joe Magnarelli and Nancy Kelly on Sunday.

Here’s a short list of musicians we saw in the audience during a few of the performances at the January Jazz Fest: JT Hall, John Dancks, George Feltman, John Spillett, Kirsten Tegtmeyer, Jeff Stockham, John Michael Heagerty (aka Tots), TK Howard, Tom Witkowski, Phil Flanagan, Dave Solazzo, Joe Carello and many more. Great to see musicians support each other at the Mohegan Manor, which we didn’t know was designed by Ward Wellington Ward.

And we can’t forget to give a shout out to graceful CNY dancers such as Mike Colabufo and Margaret Luttinger, who were also in attendance.

Not So Silent Night

Thursday, December 12th, 2013
Jazz Central Christmas Party

Jazz Central Holiday Reception

The annual holiday party at Jazz Central continues to be a great after work mixer (and not just to get a taste of Judy Murphy’s meatballs).

The intimate theater provides a great opportunity to catch up with all those folks you’ve seen through the year at jazz shows sponsored by the CNYJAF (from Sitrus, Jazz in the City and the Cabaret series as well as the Northeast Jazz & Wine Festival).

A few years ago, despite a snow storm, we caught an impromptu piano performance by Cookie Coogan, Chris Jones and Jeff Stockham.  Last night the mood was just as festive with Dave Solazzo providing the musical ambiance.

Assemblyman Sam Roberts, Lanessa Owens and Mike Atkins at the party.

Jazz Patrons: Assemblyman Sam Roberts, Lanessa Owens and Mike Atkins attended the party.

Good Band, Good Sound

Saturday, November 23rd, 2013
Kristen Tegtmeyer and Bill Horrace (Lemon Elefant) played a gig at the Community Folk Art Center on Thursday.

Kirsten Tegtmeyer and Bill Horrace (Lemon Elefant) played a gig at the Community Folk Art Center on Thursday.

Lemon Elefant (Bill Horrace and Dave Solazzo) have become the de facto band for the Connective Corridor. They’ve played in nearly every venue and even on the street and aboard buses once or twice.

No matter who sits in with them lately, the sound and the fury of their interaction creates combustible tones. It’s like watching a modern version of Mingus and Monk.

For their latest gig, they welcomed in drummer Kinyatta King (the drummer an MBA) and singer Kirsten Tegtmeyer. The audible aroma  they stirred up got caught in the coffered ceiling of the gallery and then slowly descended like a morning fog.

Lemon moved the crowd with cuts by Michael Jackson (Human Nature, Smooth Criminal) and some of their own compositions during the one hour show, but the audience was equally impressed by the strong vocal display of Tegtmeyer on Maroon5’s This Love.

The collective did an encore Friday night for Jazz @ Sitrus (Sheraton Hotel).

Fantastic Friday-salute to Syracuse artists

Friday, August 2nd, 2013

Here’s a good summer soundtrack for runners, ballers, photographers or just riding around in the car.

  1. Sunshine-Andrew Greacen
  2. We Got This-World Be Free
  3. Thinking About Your Love-Skipworth & Turner
  4. 9th Hour STACE (featuring Brother Maars)
  5. Double Frequency-Our Reality
  6. Hey DJ-Erika Lovette
  7. Dancing with Amy-Solazzo/Horrace

Live and Let Jam

Monday, June 17th, 2013
Dave Solazzo

Dave Solazzo

Lemon Elefant features a new generation of jazz cats putting in work in-and-around Syracuse.  The band is headed by Bill Horrace and Dave Solazzo, who have been fixtures for the past year or so at Connective Corridor music spots (teaming up with various musicians from the area). Last Friday Lemon Elefant was the closing act for Sitrus on the Hill, where they played their original cuts, as well as some pop tunes.

Bill Horrace

Bill Horrace

Horrace and Solazzo were joined by Josh Dekaney (drums).