Groove Collective, a roll call

Dino Losito on keys.

Dino Losito played keys for Joe Magnarelli and Nancy Kelly on Sunday.

Here’s a short list of musicians we saw in the audience during a few of the performances at the January Jazz Fest: JT Hall, John Dancks, George Feltman, John Spillett, Kirsten Tegtmeyer, Jeff Stockham, John Michael Heagerty (aka Tots), TK Howard, Tom Witkowski, Phil Flanagan, Dave Solazzo, Joe Carello and many more. Great to see musicians support each other at the Mohegan Manor, which we didn’t know was designed by Ward Wellington Ward.

And we can’t forget to give a shout out to graceful CNY dancers such as Mike Colabufo and Margaret Luttinger, who were also in attendance.

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