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SIF Notes

Monday, April 9th, 2018

Miles Tucker

More from Dr. Alphonso’s (Syracuse) Juke Joint

Friday, February 19th, 2016

Rip the Joint

Thursday, February 18th, 2016
“I met so many people from Mississippi tonight I thought I was back home…”
Dr. Alphonso Sanders
Dr. Alphonso Sanders at AL's

Dr. Alphonso Sanders made himself at home at Al’s Wine and Whiskey Lounge.

Musician/educator Dr. Alphonso Sanders turned AL’s (321 S. Clinton Street), into his own personal Juke Joint last night. The multi-instrumentalist made a return to Central New York (with pianist Jimmy Lee, Jr.) for an appearance at SUNY Oswego, but he made a timely pit-stop in Downtown Syracuse.

During the two-set performance, which went way past midnight, Dr. Sanders also invited a collective of Syracuse musicians to find the groove with him. These virtuoso suspects included Reggie Seigler, Glen McArthur, Emanual Washington, Thomas TC Carter, Dequan Bowens, Paul Lee, Sam Wynn, John Heard, and Elijah Harris, Jr.

And while snow was gently falling, along with the temperatures outside, inside the former cigar bar quickly became a sweat box dripping with Delta funk.

If you’ve never seen Sanders you quickly learn to respect his musicianship. He is like a one-man Earth Wind & Fire horn section working the flugelhorn, sax and flute.  He also sang, smooth-talked the ladies from the bandstand, wailed on his harmonica, and even told a joke or two. The night featured some down home blues as well as great covers of Al Green, Miles, Grover, and Stevie.

Blow jazz man blow

The Professor: Unmuted

The star-studded crowd included poet Jackie Warren-Moore, media personality Marc Lamont Hill, and contingent from SUNY Oswego.

Overall it was a great Wednesday night, but next time we’d like to see Dr. Sanders headline a Friday at the Dinosaur BBQ.

Special shout-out to Dr. Jerald Jones Woolfolk (another Mississippi native) for her assistance.

FOJ (Friends of Jesse)

Tuesday, February 11th, 2014
Jesse Collins Trio & Friends

Jesse Collins Trio & Friends

We caught the live show from Jesse Collins at Al’s Whiskey and Wine Bar on Sunday night, and they played everything from New Orleans Jazz to Parliament Funkadelic.

It was good to see familiar faces from the pages of SIF such as Byron Cage and Melissa Gardiner; but it was equally fun to experience for the first time Collins (on alto sax), John Delia (clarinet and tenor sax) and the steady bass licks of  Dickie Bureau. At one point during the show, the groove got so intense that Delia blew his clarinet apart (true story).

The crowd seemed to also enjoy the vibe from several of Collins’ original compositions, including his “hula hoop” anthem.

“Free to be Free” is the title of Collins’ new album.

They Are Family

Thursday, September 12th, 2013
Goose and the Maverick

The Maverick (Mark Hoffman) and Goose (Gustav Hoffman).

The Naked Truth (with the Hoffman’s as the core and other parts played by extended family members Byron Cage, Al’s Wine & Whiskey Bar into a Jam Factory last night.  For a few hours TNT blended enough house, funk, blues electronica and pain ole musical mojo to satisfy the soul of  Syracuse.
Goose getting in touch with his inner funk brother

Goose getting in touch with his inner funk brother.

Erica Ann and Goose singing Brother, Sister by the Brand New Heavies

Bringing the Noise & The Funk: Anna and Goose singing a cover of The Brand New Heavies Brother, Sister.

Papa was a Rolling Stone: Mark Hoffman

Papa is like a Rolling Stone: Mark Hoffman (SAMMY-Award Winner)