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SIF Saveur

Saturday, February 29th, 2020

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SIF Saveur . . . We officially now have a love/hate relationship with @willgormanmusic. We love him because the first time we saw the homey tickle a church organ, he played like a young Donny Hathaway; we now hate him because he recommended @joestogosyracuse, and we just can’t get enough of it (which causes weight gain). When it comes to food we tend to follow two things: signs and long lines, and Joe’s had both. From the moment we walked in and heard @evelynchampagneking on the sound system, and smelled the shrimp and grits, we understood why there was a crowd at the counter. Is there anything better than an unpretentious joint, serving comfort food with a smile? Reminded us of those old M&M soul food joints in El-Lay from back in the day. Can wait for @pessoblanci, @cfac or @fitover50bygk to have this group provide the craft service for their next video or event. . . . #excusemewhileitakeanap #siesta #lunchbreak #comfortfood #top5wingsinthecity #lettheevidencespeak #tasteofsyracuse #sifsaveur #dazzlingdiscoveries #templeofmygastronomy #nofoodpixnecessary #didsomeoneputafootinthis #willyouoweusagymmembership

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