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Cityview (Ankle Couture)

Saturday, November 26th, 2016
Will Gorman goes (colorful and crazy) on the keyboard.

Will Gorman goes (colorful and crazy) on the keyboard.

During last night’s Jazz @ Sitrus show Will Gorman touched up the keys and sang a Stevie Wonder cover, all while showing off his colorful and crazy socks (sans left shoe). Hopefully, the CNY Jazz Arts alum and Nottingham grad will soon become a brand ambassador for a local design company.

Lean In-and-Out: Follow A Leader

Friday, March 6th, 2015
“I am a storyteller, that is what I do.”
-Natalie Daise
Natalie Daise as Harriet Tubman (at the Community Folk Art Center).

Natalie Daise as Harriet Tubman (at the Community Folk Art Center).

Long before there was Sheryl Sandberg, Mayor Miner, County Executive Mahoney, or other female CEOs, we had Harriet Tubman. Remember the abolitionist/nurse/spy/Underground Railroad conductor spent her latter days in nearby Auburn, NY.   We feel the leadership strategies that solidified her reputation deserve further examination.

Last night we watched actress Natalie Daise slowly transform into Harriet Tubman during a one-woman show at the Community Folk Art Center (CFAC).   We learned several facts during the performance, including the fact that Tubman had a close relationship with John Brown, and was scheduled to be at Harper’s Ferry for the raid. Also Tubman’s original name was Araminta Ross.

Earlier in the week the show played at SUNY Oswego.

Daise, who originally got the theater bug while at Nottingham High School, perfectly captured Tubman in costume, idiom and song during the 1 hour-show.

It has been a while since we visited the Harriet Tubman Home, but we suggest that the newly designated National Park location capture Daise’s work in audio or video and preserve it as part of a permanent educational collection/display.

Happy Women’s History Month.

March Madness

Tuesday, March 31st, 2009
Players Ball

Players Ball/Ballers Play (40 and over)

Brothers from the BBBL (Baby Boomers Basketball League), also known as the Over 40 League, showed they still have game during this year’s tournament championship held at the Southwest Community Center on Sunday. Ballard Construction featuring Julius “Pop” Anderson, Roosevelt “Pony” Bullock, Howard Triche and Gary Sparks defeated the Cuse O.Gees.