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The Sunday Jazz Brunch

Sunday, October 2nd, 2016
The bass player got busy for Sunday's Jazz Jam at Funk-n-Waffles today.

Joey Arcuri got busy on the bass for Sunday’s Jazz Jam at Funk-n-Waffles.

When we first experienced Melissa Gardiner’s skills at the Jazz @ Sitrus series a few years ago, we saw her as the hardest working lady in Syracuse show business. Then we considered her numerous titles: bandleader, teacher, vocalist, all-around molder of musical consensus, working mother, and noticed how she always exceeded expectations.  Now we are beginning think that maybe she is a superhero.

Today Gardiner played the role of host for the come as you are (especially with your instrument) event known as Jazz Jam at Funk-n-Waffles.

Jazz Jam may be the city music scene’s best kept weekend secret.  The event is in a great perfect (Downtown), during a great time slot (3pm-5pm) and at a great venue (casual bistro) for the enjoyment of a long-time resident or first-time tourist.  Imagine a music series that features the perfect blend of students, educators, and jazz aficionados, but where music is only half the story, because what goes better with hot jazz riffs than an abundant selection of sweet and savory waffles?

Today the house was packed, and the soiree featured horn players, singers, and at least one cajon drum.

The Jazz Jam/Funk-n-Waffles combo has a bright future.

Special shout-out to drummer Bryon Cage: Thanks for the invite and tip about the wonderful waffle fries.

Melissa Gardiner, host,, Jazz Jam

Melissa Gardiner, reads the sign-up list at Jazz Jam