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Throwback Thursday: Tavis Writes

Thursday, February 5th, 2015
“Leadership is not a license to do less; it is a responsibility to do more.”
-Simon Sinek (Leaders Eat Last)
Tavis Smiley, Author, Radio/TV host (circa 2005) in Washington, DC

Tavis Smiley, Author, Radio/TV host (circa 2005) in Washington, DC

If you enjoyed the film “Selma,” which paints an intimate portrait of the coalitions and strategies of the Civil Rights Movement, we suggest you move next to “Death of a King” by Tavis Smiley. His book gives a revealing look at the last year of Dr. King’s life (the good, the bad and the unforeseen).

Smiley is pictured here in Washington, DC in 2005.

Syracuse Architectural Digest: The Corridor, An Appreciation

Monday, August 25th, 2014
“[Leaders] have the power to create an environment in which people will naturally thrive and advance…” Simon Sinek, Leaders Eat Last
Can the Corridor become the new heart of the city

Can the Corridor become the new heart of the city

Last week the Connective Corridor threw a Midsummer Night Party at Forman Park. The event included dining, music and a public art instillation. We didn’t get to stay for the whole event, which started late due to midday rain, but what we saw looked like attending a big dinner party crawling with interesting people (including politicians, police officers, neighborhood business leaders, students, SU officials and visitors from out of town).

Despite what we think about the price tag and the construction delays, the Connective Corridor project continues to bring people together in Midtown, Downtown, on the Hill, and the Near Westside.

We realize there are other pressing issues for our city, such as the frequent water main breaks and aging infrastructure.  Most NY cities have this problem.

We also are convinced that there’s no magic bullet or cure-all for Syracuse (including downtown stadiums, highway re-routing and harbor hotels), but we applaud the radical focus the Corridor team has applied to coalescing the city through transportation/design/arts.

The Corridor office operates like a reality award-winning R&D shop and urban design center.They are dedicated to making the city work better and we’ve seen it up close.  The Corridor leadership under the direction of Marilyn Higgins and Linda Dickerson Hartsock has produced some great initiatives. Chancellor Cantor may have cast the vision, but Higgins and Hartsock helped bring it to pass.

Someday we all will look back and realize The Corridor was one of the five things that helped revive this city.

May the innovations continue.
Filming in Forman Park

Filming in Forman Park

Lifting the veil on urban design

Lifting the veil on urban design

Urban Rest Stop: Public Art Installation

Urban Rest Stop: Public Art Installation

Big Nate

Thursday, April 10th, 2014
“…true leadership is not the bastion of those who sit at the top. It is the responsibility of anyone who belongs to the group.”

Simon Sinek
Nathaniel Rose, organizer TEDx Syracuse (giving his closing remarks last night)

The inaugural TEDx event in Syracuse played to a packed house last night and much of the credit goes to SU senior Nathaniel Rose. TED is about great ideas worth spreading, but it always takes someone to bring it all together. 

The event, held at the Herg Auditorium on the SU campus, featured great talks from a wide spectrum of disciplines. The post-show event took over the second floor of Newhouse III with virtual reality demonstrations, a live DJ, food stations, informal conversations between speakers and attendees, and a photo booth.

Rose is studying computer science, but he will now also be known for throwing a great party.

City State

Thursday, January 23rd, 2014
“…professional competence is not enough to be a good leader; good leaders must truly care about those entrusted to their care.”
Lt. Gen. George Flynn (forward to Simon Sinek’s Leaders Eat Last)
Mayor Miner

Mayor Miner

Regardless of your party affiliation or personal opinion, you have to admit Syracuse Mayor Stephanie Miner shows conviction.

She will give the State of the City address tonight.