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After Dinner Conversation

Saturday, February 6th, 2016
Marc Lamont Hill spoke at the Carrier Dome on Sunday.

Dr. Marc Lamont Hill spoke with the inflection of Dr. King, the fire of Malcolm X, and ended with the bravura of Dr. Michael Eric Dyson at the Carrier Dome on Sunday. Hear an excerpt from his speech below.

He Said, She Said

Thursday, May 2nd, 2013
Hip Hop Icon MC Lyte and Historial/Cultural Critic Michael Eric Dyson took turns talking about the state of rap music and cultural events during a dialouge last night co-sponsored by the NAACP. The event was held in Hendricks Chapel.

Hip Hop Icon MC Lyte and Historian/cultural critic Michael Eric Dyson at Hendricks Chapel on the campus of Syracuse University.

In an intimate, yet lively conversation on Tuesday, rap icon MC Lyte and cultural critic Michael Eric Dyson dissected Hip Hop Culture: past present and future.

MC Lyte noted that the real raw Hip Hop lyrics and culture these days come from the slam poets, because a lot of them do it for art’s sake and not for money.  She also noted that the corporate take-over of radio (and play-lists) keeps DJs from being able to break new songs like they did back in the day.

Dyson added that we must be careful not to judge with revisionist history because at the time groups such as Public Enemy (now Rock-n-Roll Hall of Famers) were once considered too black and too strong to be played on radio.

The event was co-sponsored by Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity and the NAACP.