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Critical Conversations

Saturday, May 31st, 2014
The Cast of Doors along with GK, GM, GM

The cast of “Doors” (Debra Richardson, Jalayla Finster, Sheena E. Solomon and Sharleen Starks)  along with advocates Loren Cunningham, Jennifer  Nadler, George Kilpatrick and The PRPAC’s Karin Franklin-King participated in a talk-back session at CNY Jazz Central following the world premiere of the play.

Doors, which was written by Vanessa Johnson and directed by PRPAC’s Ryan Hope Travis, will run for two more shows on Saturday. The play is an emotional exploration of a group of ladies dealing with sexual assault in a family context.

Jennifer Nadler is an abuse survivor and attended the show. She also participated in the talk-back session and thanked the cast because Doors paralleled her own truth journey.