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DJ Spooky (aka Paul Miller): Sound Scholar

DJ Spooky (aka Paul Miller): Sound Scholar

Paul D. Miller (aka DJ Spooky) is not your typical DJ. Think of him as part Steve Jobs, part Dr. Yusef A. Lateef, part Spike Lee (mixed with touch of Jazzy Jeff). Miller came to the CRAVE Festival in Syracuse on Friday gave a lecture about his love of sampling, vintage vinyl records, quantum physics, open source program development, and the current age of mass customization. Miller showcased his recent work, which was inspired by a trip to Antarctica.

He said he plans to use his platform as an artist/explorer to leverage cultural capital to protect human rights and the environment.

In addition to scoring films, Miller is also the narrator for an app for one of my favorite artists, Romare Bearden. Check back for photos of his Saturday night concert.

DJ Spooky developed a music-mix app for the iPad

DJ Spooky demonstrated a music-mix app he developed for the iPad.

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