A city for the old and young

Doug Jones, artist

Doug Jones, artist

Last weekend three events were held in downtown Syracuse:  The Northeast Jazz & Wine Festival, the Arts & Crafts Festival and the Blue Rain Eco/Stage 0f Nations. Thousands of people braved the uncertain weather (especially on Saturday) to see the various stage events and performances.

These two photos show an interesting age range of those we saw in attendance at the various venues.

Artist Doug Jones (picture above) was a vendor in Hanover Square, where he was selling his Native American art pieces.  He’s been working with recycled material and wood for nearly a half century. His intricate carvings (he uses a jewelers saw) are used to tell stories. Jones’ work is in the collection at the Smithsonian and also at the White House.

Below, Maxwell Brown, 4, was having a good time out with his dad at work Saturday afternoon.  His father Nate Brown, aka Peanut (on drums), leads the band Brownskin.   Brownskin brought their high velocity soul to the Northeast Jazz & Wine Festival’s World Beat Pavilion.

Introducing Maxwell (future bandleader)

Introducing Maxwell (future bandleader)

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