Totally Trombone

The difference between professionals and non-professionals, according to trombonist and composer Michael Davis, is that even pros sometimes play out of tune, they just don’t stay there. Players  learn to “listen, evaluate and adjust,” he said. These were some of his comments during a clinic he held recently at the Hotel Syracuse’s Imperial Ballroom before his evening performance. His gig closed the season for the Central New York Jazz Arts Foundation Winter/Spring concert series.

Davis, who has worked with the Rolling Stones, Frank Sinatra and rap artist Jay-Z, played with high schoolers Noah Kellman (piano) of MPH, Kevin Mixon, Jr. (drums) of West Genesee High, Chad Lefkowitz (sax) of Horseheads High and Jared Mulcahy (bass) of Skaneateles High during the teach-in, and told them to exaggerate articulation to make their ensemble more effective. Davis said his next stop was Des Monies, Iowa where he was participate in the Band Masters Concert Series.

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