Tough Love from the Principal

Steve Perry, Principal

Dr. Steve Perry

For too long the education system has fostered schools that are failing and according to Steve Perry, principal and education activist, failure is no longer an option.

“We can’t call a school a school if it doesn’t educate,” he says. “We have to create schools that are designed to be successful.”

Perry gave a lecture Saturday at Bethany Baptist Church that was  sponsored by the Say Yes to Education program.  He heads  Hartford Prep (CT) and was featured on the CNN series Black in America 2 with Soledad O’Brien.  Perry has also been interviewed often by New Inspiration for the Nation’s George Kilpatrick.

For Perry education is a calling, not just a profession. He drives several of his students to school each day and says 100% of the students at Capital Prep go on to college.

Perry says that he has no problem getting this across to his staff, and because you have a degree doesn’t mean you are a teacher. “I’ve fired some great people, they just weren’t good teachers,” he said.

Citing the McKinesey Report, Perry said that a child without an education will be a challenge for society. He said parents, teachers and entire community’s share responsibility for schools that don’t work.

“I love kids too much to care about grown people’s feelings.”

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