Richest Man in Town

Sean Kirst, columnist

Philly had Steve Lopez; Detroit had Mitch Albom; New York had Jimmy Breslin; and here in Syracuse, for nearly 30 years, we’ve had Sean Kirst. He has been the kind of local journalist who, if we could somehow take soul out of his body, and convert it to an mp3 audio file, what you would hear, if you listened close, is the heartbeat of this city.

Today is Kirst’s last day at The Post Standard, and he will be truly missed.

We are not sure of the salary for a mid-sized city columnist these days, but when it comes to stepping up to the plate to represent the common man (or woman), and making a difference using the written word, Kirst is one of our best story-tellers, and he exits as one of the richest men in town.

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