Maybe the Greatest (Central New York) Story Ever Told

Columnist Sean Kirst explains why he tell stories at the TEDx Syracuse Conference.

Columnist Sean Kirst explains how one story becomes another story at TEDx Syracuse University.

We’ve seen him speak to community groups and interview celebrities, but deep down we think Sean Kirst is a griot, a storyteller.¬†As a columnist/writer Kirst is a great mix of Gay Talese, Bob Greene and Pete Hamill, but at tonight’s TEDx event, he would have given six-figure keynote speakers such as Malcolm Gladwell a run for the money. In 20 minutes Kirst told what we think is possibly the most memorable tale (minus scandal) we’ve heard pertaining to this region.

Do yourself a favor, when they post the video, make sure to check out “At the Lighthouse…”

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