Sustainability in Fashion? You Betcha!

Shelly Griffin: Cents + Sense-Ability

Shelly Griffin: Cent$ + Sense-Ability

A statistic was cited during the recent Cent$ + Sense-Ability Fashion Show at The Newhouse School of Public Communications last week that the average American discards about 68 lbs of clothing and textiles each year.

In an effort to show that fashion too can ride the current wave of sustainability, this year’s annual fashion show for the Fashion Communication Milestone featured recycled materials, clothing, and material found in the trash. A host of material was donated by the Rescue Mission. The student designs promoted “Fashion in a Recession.”

A few of the evenings highlights included: hairstyles featuring soda cans as well as, Tina Fey impersonator and Newhouse Program Coordinator Shelly Griffin (pictured above).

Michele Palotta, Sophmore at Syracuse University

Michele Palotta, Junior at Syracuse University

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