Loving (just enough for) the City

Mozart from Philly (now residing in Syracuse)

Mozart from Philly (now residing in Syracuse)

One of the best elements that make up the city are immigrants. Not just folks from other nations,  but those from other states as well.  Immigrants bring their idioms, swagger, energy and experiences to add to the Syracuse stew.

We previously heard about the power of Mozart Guerrier from some students we met this summer, but last night was the first time we caught him in performance.  He was the featured poet at last night’s Open Mic for the Underground Poetry Spot, which was held at 601 Tully (aka the Treehouse).

Part of Mozart’s slam list included a humorous appreciation of Coach Jim Boeheim, a shout out to Amiri Baraka, and also a verbal ode to the beauty of living and loving in cities. We suggest contacting Seneca Wilson and the Underground Poetry Spot to hear the poem about cities (there was video).

Mozart’s compositions, movements and performance certainly lived up to the hype.

It was good to see slam poetry percolating on the Near Westside.

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