Who Keeps Moving the Cheese

A Shout in Salty Water is a one man/one act play that serves up some answers to single fatherhood. But it also raises some questions as well.

The name of the play, which was conceived and performed by Ryan Johnson-Travis (directed by Joseph Trevino), was derived in part by the definition of Salina (as in Salina Street…think Landmark Theater, Rite Aid and the old Centro hub). Salina is defined as a salt pit or salt marsh. Many of the brothers portrayed in the show seem trapped in what seems like pockets of despair and closets of hopelessness.

Are the men dead-beats or just dead broke? Why are some voluntarily absent from their children? Why do they feel their pie in the sky has been reduced to crumbs?

These are some of the serious issues Johnson-Travis tackles on stage (and in the question and answer session). The performance takes you on an emotional roller coaster.

Maybe the most creative parts of the play are the actor/director vignettes (are they real or imagined) and the hilarious re-enactment of a dialogue with a Syracuse Post Standard reporter. But this is not about fun and games, which is evident when on opening night, Johnson-Travis fights through tears to sing about a slain 6-month old.

This complex experience is like being inside the head of a single father, yet inside the head of someone studying them/interviewing them as well.

The show concludes tonight. We look forward to a second act in the future.

Kudos again to CFAC and Johnson-Travis for collaborating on this must-see stage endeavor.

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