Resist Destination Disease

Media company executive Todd Harrison, who graduated from Syracuse University in 1991, thought he made it to the pinnacle when he was on Wall Street living as a Master of the Universe.¬† But he says there’s a difference between “being happy” and “having fun.”¬†Being happy has nothing to do with making a lot of money and having material possessions, he said.

Todd Harrison, founder of Minyanville

Todd Harrison, founder of Minyanville at Syracuse University’s Whitman School of Management

Harrison left his Wall Street position (over what he called philosophical differences) to create Minyanville (dot com), an Emmy Award-winning, animated,¬†financial media company that he says covers the business “ABC’s to the 401ks.” He also created the humorous characters Boo the Bear and Hoofy the Bull.

Harrison encouraged those business students and others in attendance that the current unsettled economic climate is a reality, but it is also an opportunity.

Failures can help define your capacity, he said.

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