Electronica from Maars

The following is a report filed from our stringer, ed ailment Maars during Block Party.


(April 27–Carrier Dome) “As an aspiring electron and atom splitter (musician) the 2012 Block Party experience changed my life. After the first group, here I thought, viagra  crowds can be really stiff towards opening acts. The next band had good charisma, but just weren’t my deal.




Then I witnessed the potency of mind control through the repetition of synthetic bass-lines and the amazing anticipation. Headliner DJ Kaskade muted the drums and raised the atmospheric pads, they dropped 55 oversized balloons from the rafters, amped the kaleidoscope on the jumbotrons and eventually brought the bass back in full effect, the entire student body (regardless of ethnicity, gender or dress code) became one.



Brother Maars is down with Kaskade. 




I just wish they turned his mic turned up for the occasional thoughts he dropped on the crowd, which wasn’t packed for a college show, but had about the same attendance of a large club. All in all I consider myself blessed to have had witnessed the continuous two-hour set of DJ Kaskade in his first appearance at Syracuse University.” 

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