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Leading a next generation city takes great responsibility. A metro of the future has no democratic streets, libertarian
traffic lights, or republican parks. We must remain optimistic. On a recent visit to Pittsburgh we saw how the former steel fortress has morphed into a smart town. If they can use eds/meds and a high quality of life to attract @google @uber and @amazon to their region, why can’t we. It takes more propulsion and less resistance. We are entering a new intersection for @syracuse1848, and tech acceleration (or
living by algorithms) wont save us. We look forward to seeing fresh new policies on fostering economic inclusion and opportunity, immigration, youth engagement (and retention) as well as a plan to advance neighborhoods. @walshformayor @chris4cuse @davis4mayor @juanitaformayor #watercoolertalk #optimism #makersandbreakers #forcasting #paradigmshift #environmentvexpectations #ifmayorsruledtheworld #onondagalake #hovertowork #aletterfromthefuture #turnthecorner #buildcommunitycapacity #mobilityoptions

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