Week in Review: Wish List

Designed by Amanda Fritsch

Designed by Amanda Fritsch (Syracuse University)

Recently at Ideas City Detroit, the collected experts talked about using arts to leverage culture. A few days ago, Ty Marshal talked about recognizing arts organizations as burgeoning and relevant business institutions. In both cases, we are seeing that the lines between business and art will continue to blur.

We will add to our most recent list of wishes for a consolidation of Syracuse Fashion Week (Spring) to include events at Syracuse University’s Senior Collection show. The current production by Events in Style is great, but we’d love to see the cutting-edge student designers, and their events, as part of an expansive Metro Fashion Week for all to enjoy.

To our knowledge, the decision and final plan for Consensus CNY is still pending. The myriad of concerns and or benefits of the proposals are numerous.  Possibly a small step like this can be a beginning of various entities and constituencies working together.

Maybe, just maybe, fashion can lead the way.

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