Dr. Michael Eric Dyson visits Syracuse for AAMC Baccalaureate Ceremony

    Dr. Michael Eric Dyson (above), one of the nation's leading public intellectuals, removes his glasses to make a point as he spoke to a few hundred people at Hendricks Chapel on the campus of Syracuse University on April 23.  During his keynote address for the African American Male Congress Baccalaureate Ceremony, Dyson, who is currently a professor at the University of Pennsylvania,  quoted from rap artists such as Jay Z and Nas, as well as from abolitionist Frederick Douglass and writer Zora Neale Hurston. 

     He also discussed how being "black" doesn't depend as much upon the hue of a person's skin as it does their willingness to help other black people.  For the students present, Dyson also stressed using education as a spring board to enhanced economic stability.

    To see more photos from the event, click the link below to see photographs, some of which were published in coveverage for Syracuse in focus (photo agency).



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