ABA Leaves Syracuse

Here's more stories about the Syracuse Raging Bullz and their canceled season: here and here. I didn't realize Syracuse was one of the charter members of the NBA.

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Top 10--One Day Later...

The Syracuse Raging Bullz had cancelled the remainder of the season. Here's some reaction by fans and others. 

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Syracuse makes Top 10

Congratulations to the Syracuse Raging Bullz. They are listed in the first ABA power rankings in their first season of action. 

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Hot Buttered Swing

I watched Miss Sweet Potato Pie and her Soul Food Babies dance/perform during half time of the Syracuse Raging Bullz v. Montreal Royal contest last night. The group is from Rochester and featured several energetic and acrobatic children. It reminded me a lot of the break-dancing contests I saw in the early 1980s.

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Dance for Kicks (part 2)

Here's a well-done video by Steven J. Pallone featuring Odetta Norton's Capoeira class. 

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The World in Pictures

Memphis photographer Ernest Withers passed last week. I had the opportunity to meet Withers thanks to local media personality George Kilpatrick. Kilpatrick co-produced a documentary film that featured Withers, a legendary Civil Rights photographer and Dorothy Gilliam, the first female reporter to work at the Washington Post. The film, Freedom's Call,  premiered at Syracuse Stage in 2005.

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Philanthropy 2.0

One Laptop Per Child Founder and Chairman Nicholas Negroponte puts interesting spin on the concept of "Give One to Get One."

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Gifted Hands

Dr. Ben Carson,  renowned pediatric neurosurgeon, author and philanthropist, spoke tonight at the WellsLink Transitions Ceremony at Hendricks Chapel on the campus of Syracuse University. Dr. Carson encouraged students to make the world a better place by using their God-given talents and abilities to help others around them succeed.  “God made you with a brain with the capacity to be relevant to everybody. You have to make a decision as to how you are going to use it.” If you want to be relevant to the world you have to know what’s important to the world, he said.

Carson directs pediatric neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins University, where, at age 33, he became the youngest-ever physician to head a major division of Johns Hopkins. He is also professor of neurosurgery, plastic surgery, oncology and pediatrics; and operates on more than 300 children each year.

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Artistic Principles

I don't consider myself and artist, but if I was, I'd have these kinds of principles

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Dance for Kicks

SIF Advisory Member and dancer Odetta Norton will be perform a Capoeira demonstration at the Everson Museum this weekend. 

Odetta has performed in New York City, Santa Fe and other places, but I look forward to this special Syracuse demonstration. She will be also teaching a Capoeira class at the Everson this fall.

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Jazz enough for the City

In case you missed Jazz in the City coordinated by the Central New York Jazz Arts Foundation and Larry Luttinger, here are some photos. I saw all but one of the evening dates, and found this year's edition one of the best. 

Jazz in the City traditionally follows the Jazz in the Square series, also run by CNY Jazz.

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Radio Heads 

Kevin Beacham on MPR: If there is a better Hip Hop radio show that blends contemporary music with 80s and 90s old school, please let me know. I personally enjoyed a show they did six months ago featuring "Posse Cuts" from 1984 (i.e. Pumpkin & the Profile All-Stars). 

If you enjoyed Red Alert or Lady B, or Frank Ski from the 80s and 90s, you'll enjoy this musical trip, called Redefinition Radio.

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Making (small) Top Chefs

My wife planned a party here for our children yesterday and I found the concept great for introducing kids to the kitchen.

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Summer Reading

Here's some easy reading for your summer vacation: Truce mag

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Children Conserve

My daughter's school recently held an Lights Out event for Earth Hour. Read more here.

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The virtue of being a quitter

I read this book recently and will pass it along to some of my colleagues.

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You're only as good as your last project

Why didn't I think of this

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Three Minute Drill by a Communication Architect

I don't know much about this speaker, but this is one of the best lectures (under 4 minutes) that I've ever heard. 

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Getting Beyond a J.O.B.

Motivational speaker Mel Tillar came to Syracuse as a guest of George Kilpatrick and New Inspiration for the Nation last week. Tillar gave advice to entrepreneurs that included getting beyond a job (which he defined as "just over broke"). 

To see a clip from this talk click here.

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Understanding Power: Do you get angry or do you make decisions

I discovered a wonderful radio show when I visited California last Spring called The Treatment, with Elvis Mitchell. I may have mentioned this before, but one of my favorite interviews he did was with producer/writer/director/actor Tyler Perry. You can hear the interview here

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Spring Cleaning 

Here's some good advice from marketing guru Seth Godin to move you into the season: Spring is almost here.

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Working for nothing

I received this link from a freelance photographer living in New York City. It's about spec work.

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Music Appreciation

I've recommended this internet site recently for anyone interested in old school R&B and blues music.  

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When I say Hey, you say Ho...

Upon the recommendation of author and activist Kevin Powell, who recently spoke at Syracuse University, I recently watched HIP-HOP: Beyond Beats and Rhymes, a documentary film by Byron Hurt. For anyone interested in hip-hop culture and rap music, this  film showed an honest, detailed look at the bravado, sexism and misogyny has become more pervasive recently. 

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Control Your Stories, Control Your Destiny

Dudley Brooks, assistant managing editor of photography with the Baltimore Sun, discussed photo stories in the age of multimedia during an Alexia Photojournalism Seminar held at Syracuse University today.  He discussed the “shrinking news hole”, visual value in an era of downsizing, and the need for journalists, and particularly photographers to adopt a web-based philosophy to take control of their careers. Brooks previously worked for The Washington Post and co-edited the book "Songs of My People: African Americans: A Self-Portrait."

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